Wednesday 8 June 2011

Here's Johnny

This used to be me

When I was a young boy (not the silver ball playing variety, alas), I was invariably known as Johnny; at school, youth clubs, parties and in pubs it was the name I responded to. But for the last 25+ years I've just been John. Don't ask me when I lost my ny, my second syllable if you will; one day it was there, the was gone. I'm sure David Essex, and any number of men of a certain age, have the same feelings about their once flowing locks. Or teeth.

And then twitter came along. @JohnMedd was taken (who are you btw and why do you not tweet?) and then old friends started resurfacing on Facebook. So now Johnny's back - muscling in on my virtual world - but I'm still John in the real (some might argue the only) world. And anyway, that's what it says on my birth certificate.

That picture in full


  1. In the immortal words of a man with an unhealthy fascination with micturition: "Go, go Johnny B. Goode!"

  2. Our diminutive childhood names invariably make a return as we get older. I reckon they're easier for the staff in the nursing homes to shout. As in "Alright there, Johnny? Shall we just pop you on the commode?"


  3. Re: bottom pic Batman eh? Boy Wonder!

    It's James that is on my birth certificate but it's always been Jim or Jimmy.

    Anyway, pleased to meet you Johnny!

  4. Missed the boat on Twitter as well I'm @GrahamHunt62 - catchy!!! LOL

    I was Bugsy a lot in the day - nickname from my Dad - no idea why we never asked him. My brother on very rare occasions uses it but now lost in the mists of time

  5. I was called Johnny for a brief period in the Eighties, but I it wasn't really me, and I could never bring myself to introduce myself as such. Shame, as I'd like to have called that really. You should go with it.

  6. D - I wonder if there's an @johnnybgoode out there? Maybe I've missed my calling?

    ISBW - Johnny Medd, The Nursing Home Years!

    LJ - My son's a James and has never had the Jim tag allocated to him. Yet.

    F - That's it from now on - you are henceforth going to be known in this parish as Bugsy!

    JP - Maybe I'll write my first novel under my new Johnny guise!

    Thanks everyone,



  7. As a PS to this post (now over 2 years old) I changed my Twitter ID after being hacked. You will now find me @JohnMeddUK

    I do miss Johnny.