Saturday 9 October 2010

If John Lennon was still alive today

He and Ringo would go parading in Central Park every Sunday afternoon.

The concierge at The Dakota Building would be remembering that it was nearly thirty years since he had a polite word with the NYPD about some speccy loner hanging 'round the place.

Liam Gallagher would still be labouring on Manchester building sites.

Jeff Lynne would not have been added to the ranks of 5th Beatle.

The rainforest would not be so depleted.

I'd wish him a Happy Birthday.

And if he was still making music, it would probably sound something like this:

Cotton Mather: Homefront Cameo


  1. But would there have ever been a Beatles reunion?

  2. Would he still be with Yoko? Great tune very Squeezish

  3. I wonder if Live Aid would have been a reuinon? Do you remember the rumours at the time that the Beatles were going to reform and have Julian Lennon take his dads role... Bit iffy