Thursday 14 October 2010

You never give me your money

I'm looking forward to reading the newly published FAB - An Intimate Life Of Paul McCartney by Howard Sounes. Until now the only in depth critique of Macca has been Barry Miles' fawning account, Many Years From Now, which, whilst giving a meticulous insight into Beatlemania, left McCartney's quotes uncontested - the rags to riches yarn was therefore given a heavy coating of McCartney gloss. I'll be interested to see if his legendary tightness is put under the microscope. Stories regarding McCartney's deep pockets and short arms abound: it comes to something when your own daughter calls you 'a tight bastard.' But enough of that, it looks as if it should be a cracking read. Anyway, I'll report back with my findings.


  1. Two titles worth adding to your Fabs library - Michael Braun:Love Me Do and can'trememberhisname:The Longest Cocktail Party. Offstage, but semi-official takes book-ending the birth and burn out of Beatlemania.

    Yes updates on the Macca biog please, although I hope he doesn't end up on the end of Philip Norman type opinonated digs.

    Ps I thought you'd slipped up and missed The Damned link in your last post, there it is in the tags - good work.

  2. Hope there's a chapter devoted to the frogs chorus...


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