Monday 18 March 2024

More cowbell

The latest series of Daryl's House (Darryl Hall's fantasy/vanity project where, going back to 2007, he's been curating some of the greatest songs and songwriters in his 'shed') is probably, in my humble opinion, the best yet; or if not the best, certainly the most varied and therefore the most rewarding. Hall's musical chops know no bounds and so scattergun in nature is his thirst for music, it matters not a jot who knocks on his door - he'll welcome any waif or stray carrying an instrument case.

I've chosen three from the clutch of episodes that were broadcast in November and December last year. Glenn Tilbrook (Ep. 85) is a natural for this sort of format. But even he says on camera that unlike the looseness of his regular band Squeeze, slotting into Daryl Hall's crack band of musical heavyweights made him tighten up considerably. Look at the way he glances over at Hall, as much for reassurance, seemingly, as an unspoken "I hope to fuck you're coming in with the second verse."

Glenn Tilbrook & Daryl Hall - Hourglass (2023)

Next up is Howard Jones (Ep. 87). By his own admission he tells us that he started his musical journey relying almost exclusively on drum machines, sequencers and keyboards. Watch in sheer amazement then as the band tear What is Love a new one. This is such a joyous performance. When Jones is giving his post-match interview I don't think he can quite believe what has just happened.

Howard Jones & Daryl Hall - What is Love? (2023)

I know Robert Fripp (Ep. 90) didn't write Heroes. Daryl Hall knows Robert Fripp didn't write Heroes. But it was Fripp's guitar that, many say, carried Bowie's 1977 anthem. This is special. Even Robert Fripp knows it was special. You can see he's quite humbled at the end.

Robert Fripp & Daryl Hall - Heroes (2023)

So there you go. I'd heartily recommend you dig out the full episodes and watch them in their entirety. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Let me know what you think.


  1. Well there's a new rabbit hole to lose myself down!

  2. Mr Hall has now gone considerably up in my estimation.

    1. Which begs the question, CC, just how far down was DH in your estimation prior to this?

    2. Unlike Mrs CC I have never been a fan of Hall & Oates