Sunday 24 March 2024

Let Me Dream of You

In the twelve months or so since I last saw the Hanging Stars they've elevated themselves to next level. Some might even say God tier. Last night they owned the stage in the Chapel (sitting as it does atop the Old Angel in Nottingham) - the perfect setting in which to see a band at the peak of their powers unveiling their shiny new long player - On a Golden Shore - an album filled to the brim with heart tugging harmonies and guitar licks that positively jangle. 

This band should be huge. One day this band will be huge. In the meantime, I'm just so glad  to have seen them play quirky little venues rather than soulless concert halls and arenas.This is the album (and set) opener and something of a mission statement heralding all that follows. 

The Hanging Stars - Let Me Dream of You (2024)



  1. Beat me to it!
    I'll give my tuppence worth tomorrowm

    1. Amazing aren't they? Very tempted to go out to Spain in September and pull in a couple of shows.