Friday 29 March 2024

"I've seen him miss these"

When you knock about with people who were born this century it kind of keeps you on your toes. For instance, when you play pool with them they all want to beat you. Pool Club is now a regular fixture in my calendar. A night when balls are potted, beers are sunk and where the art of sledging reaches dizzying heights. There's a couple of older heads too who keep proceedings in check. One of these wise old sages is also the keeper of records. Every month the latest league tables are published on the group WhatsApp and every month we have a post mortem as to what actually happened on the night. Those keeping score can often suffer major memory loss. Baby boomers, eh?

Probably wouldn't happen if it was left to our resident Generation Zers. Two of which, Sam and Laura, recently took part in a Glitter Ball finale - a Strictly Come Dancing charity do in aid of the Rosie May Foundation.

This was the dance that won them some major silverware. I'm proud to call them my friends. Except on Pool Night, obviously. 


  1. Watched your young friends dance. Well done them. Do you know what piece of music they were dancing too as it sounds familiar?

    1. They've got all the moves, haven't they? And what I didn't say was that they raised over £8K for the cause.

      It's 'Telephone' by Lady Gaga.