Monday 4 March 2024

Lemon fresh?

I adore the sound the Lemon Twigs make. It's not startlingly original, but then again what is? The D'Addario brothers, Brian & Michael, are magpies. A riff here, a melody there; everything, seemingly, is up for grabs. And why not? Rock and roll is full of plagiarism and plunderers. (Chuck Berry has got a lot to answer for.) Plus, any band who hail from Hicksville are alright in my book. Here they are from a recent Jimmy Fallon show performing their latest nailed-on power pop belter.  

The Lemon Twigs - Golden Years (2024)


  1. "Nailed on pop belter." I approve.

  2. Powerpop belter. I thought you would; it's a very infectious sound. I need to see them live.