Sunday 16 October 2022

Gardiner's Question Time

The Boris Gardiner Happening c.1973

Name - Boris Gardiner

Born - 13 January 1943; Kingston, Jamaica

1st Big Hit - Elizabethan Reggae (1970)

Best Known For - I Wanna Wake Up With You (1987)

Not a lot of people know - As a renowned bass player he was an in demand  session musician recording and touring with Lee Scratch Perry and the Upsetters, the Heptones and a ton more.

Reason for featuring on the blog today - Pete Paphides played this on his Soho Radio show last Monday evening...

Boris Gardiner - Love Dub (1975)


  1. ....aaaaaand relax. Beautiful sounds there, John, though it's made me less inclined to finish getting ready for work this morning!

    1. Nice one, K! Yes, it's got a certain groove hasn't it?

  2. Only know Boris for his 1987 hit so always good to learn a bit more about someone. This is really beautiful.