Wednesday 30 September 2020

Summer Fever

I guess it was quite fitting that the last piece of music I should hear tonight, just as September stepped politely to one side and ushered another hapless month in, was a track called Summer Fever. However, this is one Summer I won't be looking back on with anything other than contempt; similar to the withering look I give people in supermarkets if they're not wearing a face covering. Considering I'm only using my eyes it's a look I'm quite proud of, strangely.

Anyway, this track. I'm really quite taken with it. It could have been written by Ron Sexsmith or Andy Partridge. Or even Paul McCartney. That's how good it is. I hope you like it too. Stay safe everyone. And wear your f*cking mask. Please. 

Dzihan & Kamien - Summer Fever (2009)

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