Friday 7 August 2020

In League With the Freeway?

I don't profess for one minute to know what Robert Plant was wanging on about when he wrote Big Log; suffice it to say that in 1983 it was one of a trio of records (actually, make that four1) that seemed to follow me around in, what I remember as being, one of the hottest summers since 1976. And like '76 it was one of those years that changed me in more ways than one2. 

However (there's a always a however), as good a song as the aforementioned Big Log3 is, and it is, it had one of the most annoying drum machines running thru it from start to finish. It was like he'd left the click track on the recording and forgot to take it off. I still struggle4 with it to this day whenever it comes on the radio. Note to self - compile a list of ten great records spoilt by something that only annoys me.

Which is why I derive so much joy from Allison Krauss' beautiful reading of 'The Log'. I could, I think, listen to this all day. Especially on long hot summer days; like today.

Allison Krauss - Big Log (2004)

1 Along with Long Hot Summer, Cruel Summer, and Information (Dave Edmunds, in case you were wondering).
2 I really must explore the narrative that links those two summers and, perhaps, spill the beans.
3 What a truly awful title.
4 "Aaaagh!" What was he thinking?


  1. Do you tune in to Percy's fascinating Diggin' Deep podcast series (now in its third season) ? This was the Big Log episode