Thursday 28 March 2019

F*cking Noddy?

Anyone who remembers Chris Morris' quite brilliant Blue Jam that went out on Radio 1(1997-99) in the wee small hours will, I guess, in their minds, still link the dark downbeat comedy sketches with the equally downbeat ambient grooves that in the late 90s made for such perfect post-party bedfellows.

If you listened to this at three in the morning coming down from whatever sort of night you were coming down from then it all made perfect sense; not that it doesn't now. In fact it probably chimes more now than it ever did. Fucking Noddy?


  1. Replies
    1. Still one of the funniest sketches of all time.

  2. 'A bomb made out of jazz and feathers' is a line that sticks with me.

    1. Hi Adam, if you're a fan you could do a lot worse than listen to the latest Rule of Three podcast.