Tuesday 16 October 2018

The Incredible Shrinking Man

Who's got a tape measure?
I know I'm six foot tall. I've been six foot since I turned 16. It says six foot on my passport. Just because the nurse at my local GP surgery recently clocked me in at 5'-11" does not mean I'm 5'-11". No way Pedro. If you look carefully at the above photograph (taken on Saturday at James and Janni's wedding party) I'm kinda leaning in - and down - at the same time. James is not a seven foot giant - he is a mere 6'-4". Just to set the record straight. And, to set it straight even further, dad is not taller than me. He must be standing on a book, or something. Must be.

I'm glad I got that out of the way.

A big thank you to my friend Adele who texted me earlier this evening and put a smile on my face. I'd sent her the photo and she replied back:

"Nice pic of the 3 Amigos, looking very trim xx"

(Can I be Steve Martin, can I?)


  1. Loving that Pop Art/Psychedelic/Amazing Technicolour Dream shirt.

    I always thought I was 5 ft 11 and a bit, but lately it seems I've shrunk or maybe I haven't. I was never one to keep a close watch on such matters and growing up I seem to remember reading that you shrink as you get older. Which may or may not be true.

    1. Thank you - I bagged it in Madrid.

      Mmm, I've heard that we're taller in the morning than we are in the afternoon(?)

    2. I believe our spines 'stretch' when we're in bed on our backs because there's no gravity pushing down in that direction so that might explain the thinking behind the morning/afternoon thing. Difficult to do for a photo call with your family, though...

    3. Your reply put me in mind of How. And Fred Dineage!

    4. Ah, How! And Jack Hargreaves. Amy younger readers are probably thinking 'who?', not 'how'.

  2. I had a similar moment of realisation during a routine check-up from the neck-up a couple of years back. 'No need to measure me, I'm 6' 6", have been for nearly 40 years' I boomed confidently to the nurse who was busily looking for a step-ladder. The tale of the tape eventually told a different story. '6' 4" Mr Swede' she said, barely able to contain her smirk.
    As my old Aunt Maud used to say, 'I reckon I'm growing downwards'.

  3. Whatever the height differences, that is a great picture and I trust the wedding party went very well. C is definitely right, our spines compress during the course of the day so best to measure your height first thing in the morning. Fond memories of How - There was also a lady and a bit of a boffin-y guy but can't remember their names. Just checked - it was Bunty (not Sally) James and Jon Miller. Yes, great shirt - no uncomfortable morning coats for you guys!

  4. PS Looking at that picture of the Three Amigos, it very much looks as if you are Martin "Short" (or was that the point and I missed it).