Sunday 30 July 2017


On yer Marcs
Getz Set

Tommy Ramone wanted a singalong song in the band's set: 'Something the Bay City Rollers might chant' he was quoted as saying. Blitzkrieg Bop came out in February 1976 and was their first single: punk was officially born. It was also, quite possibly, the final nail in the Rollers' coffin.
Quite fitting then that they love it north of the border: 'Hey, Ho, Glasgow!'


  1. What a great clip - thanks for that! I will have to own up over at my place at some point to being a massive Rollers fan back in the day and went to see them twice in Aberdeen (in my defence I was only 14). Didn't realise it was the Ramones however that finally knocked that final nail in their coffin - Although by then I think it was all over anyway.

    1. No shame in that Alyson. Shang-a-Lang is still one of my favourite singles from that time. It really is.