Tuesday 18 July 2017

It's driving me insane

The irrepressible Johnny Vaughan has been playing the sh*t out of Kasabian's latest single God Bless This Acid House.  But every time it comes charging out of the speakers, all I can hear is Juke Box Jive by the Rubettes. Seriously. I really think the next time the jesters from Leicester play it on whatever TV show passes for Top of the Pops these days, they should all sport matching white berets; you never know, if could catch on. Well, maybe not in Leicester.
As infectious 45s go, it's almost up there with a cracking little debut single Dean Jackson on BBC Radio Nottingham has had on constant rotation all Summer. 24 Hours a Day by the Shades is a three minute montage of every pop record ever released, from (and including) Rock Around the Clock. Again, when I hear it I can pick out so many nods and winks to classic singles and artists of yore, not least the ghost of Billy Haley whose DNA is still trapped in its rock and roll amber. And it's driving me insane. See what you think:

The Shades: 24 Hours a Day


  1. Those Shades lads have done their homework.

  2. A friend was once asked at work which music he liked
    The Ramones he replied
    Oh those blokes with the white berets/ was the retort

  3. I hope someone was on hand to hold your friend back Charity chic.

  4. I feel a mash-up coming on: Blitzkrieg Beret!

  5. Why am I thinking, "Saturday morning kid's show?" Catchy, though.