Wednesday 3 May 2017

I'm holding on

Speaking as someone who a. has openly nicked the chords to If I Had A Gun (Chip Off The Old Block) and b. sometimes closes his eyes while singing certain lines in songs, I was interested to read some of the constructive criticism aimed at Gallagher senior in the comments below this Youtube live acoustic session. I may have touched upon this before, but the knuckle draggers who normally frequent this remote outpost of planet Internet are not known for their quick wit and repartee; you need a strong stomach to follow the diatribe.

If I Had A Gun, though, does contain some beautiful lines* - some of his best - which I may also have to borrow at some point in the future. Come on Noel, chase me through the courts.

*Excuse me if I spoke too soon
 My eyes have always followed you around the room 
'Cause you're the only god that I will ever need 
I'm holding on and waiting for the moment to find me


  1. I was going to say " you can't hold a good chord sequence down" but obviously you and Noel can!
    Both songs are great - thanks.

    Now off to have a look at the youtube comments you mention and remind myself how simply wonderful it is to be a part of the human race....

  2. I'm sure if you asked Noel himself he'd tell you that he's begged, stolen and borrowed every Macca, Bolan and Berry chord progression there has ever been. But, hey, so what? The songwriters' blank canvas isn't blank anymore; everyone since Beethoven and beyond has filled it up. There is, quite literally, nothing new under the sun.