Thursday 25 May 2017


Jack Vettriano is no Hopper. But then again he'd be the first to tell you that. And his work may well be panned by serious art critics (whoever the hell they are); indeed his portrayal of women has been portrayed as crass soft porn. Come on, really?
But when I was looking for an image that summed up just how bloody hot it was today, I didn't have to look further than Vettriano's Heatwave.

And a big thank you to the young lady who joined me for a couple of dust-cutters this evening. Here's to a long hot summer; cue the Style Council.


  1. I didn't leave the house until 8.30pm yesterday, by which time the heat was considerably less overpowering, comfortable enough for a lengthy evening walk. Today though, commitments dictate that we have to venture out into the noon-day sun. I'm dreading it.

  2. I loathe the cold weather. I'm no sun worshipper, but I do like to be warm. Your Vettriano choice has raised the stakes a little on the heat front.

  3. Like Vettriano and love this song from the Style Council - VERY hot today even up here in the North of Scotland and warm air outside right now at 9.30pm which rarely happens. Time for a long cool drink and another listen to that song.

    1. Very hot in the north of Scotland usually means you only have to wear one jumper.
      What do you think to Weller's bass playing btw?

  4. Low tide (and sand!) on Hove beach tonight not to mention a picnic and chilled white wine, a bit like being on holiday ten minutes walk from the front door. (Mr Weller's music has been a background track to many hot times in my life...).

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