Sunday 25 January 2015

Stuck in the middle

  I was crate digging long before the record collecting hipster who coined the term was born. When record emporiums were knocking out chart singles at 40p, I used to slide down to my local market on a Saturday morning and trawl through the boxes and boxes of ex-jukebox singles. Here, for 25p, was a world of 45s that had been playing in pubs on their record machines before they were usurped by the latest batch of single releases; out with the old, in with the new.

  The fact that they didn't have middles was of no concern. Adaptors could be bought for tuppence each and came in all shapes and sizes.

  It being a Sunday, having started something of a tradition this time last week, I've tried to commit to canvas a few of these small but perfectly formed appendages.
  And, just for good measure, I've chucked in a couple of videos. The first one was what Gerry Rafferty had in mind when he wrote Stuck in the Middle with You. It's followed by Quentin Tarantino's now infamous interpretation of same.


  1. I have a slightly fetishistic fondness for the triangular ones. We still have some lying around in drawers... never used... but kept "just in case"...

    Keep canvassing! These are cute! How big are they?

    1. I even have a shiny facsimile of one on my key ring.

      I'm glad you like the canvases. They measure 4'' x 4'' and I'm building up something of a music related portfolio. That makes it sound grander than this project really is, but I would love to exhibit them when I've got 30 or so...