Friday 2 January 2015

About His Person

Simon Armitage: Chief Inspector of the Poetry Police
To paraphrase Pete Townshend, I take inspiration for my songwriting anyway, anyhow, anywhere I can. In the case of About His Person (No Gold or Silver), I quite shamelessly nicked someone else's words. When I say nicked, I borrowed Simon Armitage's poem About His Person. But not before I tried to get hold of Simon to ask if I could use his prose and that I wouldn't be recording it or putting it on my next million seller album: I would just be playing it in front of polite middle class folk/acoustic club audiences in my little part of the world.

The reply I received from his management company was so draconian (they wanted me to sign copyright contracts, disclaimer clauses and everything), I sort of gave up on the idea. Until earlier this week, when I spent a couple of days on it and turned it into, I think, a dark but poignant little ditty that leaves the listener asking questions; just like the poem, really.

But, as I say, I can't share the finished product with you: I wouldn't want the Poetry Police kicking my door in during one of their dawn raids.

However, I can share this little film with you. And, no, it's not my handwriting, nor is it my music.


  1. Simon Armitage - the people's poet.

  2. Love this poem, although my favourite Armitage works will always be It Ain't What You Do, It's What It Does To You and You're Beautiful.

    1. His stuff really moves me. I'm glad it moves you too.