Friday 5 December 2014


   It doesn't matter where you live in the developed world, if you turn to the What's On guide of your local paper this evening the chances are you'll see a listing for a Led Zeppelin tribute act playing just up the road from your house.
   You've just had a look haven't you? And was I right or was I right? It seems there are as many tributes to Led Zep as there are to The Beatles - scary stuff.
   Now, go back to those local listings and check if the band in question are one of the following. Even if they aren't I'll wager it'll be a derivation or some equally contrived Zeppelin type pun. (I may have dropped a couple of my own in there.)

No Quarter
Houses of the Holy
Whole Lotta Led
Fred Zeppelin
Ramble On
Get the Led Out
Turn the Page
Letz Zep
John, Paul Jones, Robert & Titch
Swan Song
The Rubber Plants
Mr. Jimmy
Led Zep Again
Hats Off to Led Zeppelin
Bled Zeppelin

   And, of course, Kashmir. This isn't them, but it's probably the best cover version of Kashmir you'll hear this weekend. And there's not a bare chest or Gibson Les Paul in sight. The song remains the same? Only just.


  1. Saw an ad for Purple Zeppelin the other day. Would even consider seeing them for a laugh.

  2. Has a book ever been written about the tribute band industry? If not, someone needs to get to it pronto. The names alone are worthy of several chapters, my current favourite being (in tribute to laughing Bob Smith and the boys), Liqueur. John, Paul Jones, Robert & Titch would certainly give it a run for its money though.