Friday 11 April 2014

Leeds, 1972

Dave Mackay: not a big fan of Billy Bremner

Living in Leeds in 1972
If you didn't like Billy Bremner
There wasn't a lot to do

© John Medd 2014

With apologies to anyone out there who really did live in Leeds in 1972; not least my two favourite wessies, Phil and his glamorous assistant Jane. Anyway here's my rough and ready homage to the city that brought you Ernie Wise, Keith Waterhouse and Marks and Spencer. And contrary to repeated taunts in the 1970s, I'm assured it's very clean.

John Medd: Leeds, 1972


  1. Fumbling in hedges in Roundhay Park? Leeds in '72 does sound desperate.

  2. There are worse places to fumble. Though I couldn't possibly tell you where.