Sunday 29 December 2013

A mere Bagatelle?

Batteries not required

1966 and all that: England lift the World Cup, Ford launch the Ford Cortina Mark 2, The Beatles release Revolver & John Medd gets a Bagatelle for Christmas; and you know what? I've still got it. And the box it came in: 'To John, from Santa' it says.

A bit like The Queen, it gets wheeled out every Christmas day afternoon. This year, however, we waited 'til the 27th. We were invited to a Games Evening, so took the Bagatelle c/w box with us. Not surprisingly it went down a storm. Well it would, wouldn't it? It doesn't need plugging in. It doesn't need batteries. Nor does it come with instructions or a rule book as long as your arm. It just requires you to sit down and pull a rudimentary trigger mechanism and fire six ball bearings around a piece of wood with some nails in. What could be easier?

Some people, of course, took it way too seriously. I won't use their real names here - let's
just call them Zoe and Emma. They were questioning the score keeper. They were sledging. They were tipping drinks all over the playing surface. Well, they are twins. From Leeds. Need I say more? I blame the parents.


  1. Zoe and Emma were, of course, delightful. Just like their Mum & Dad. Don't believe everything you read on my Blog. Especially about Leeds.

  2. It looks fantastic and I want one! I used to have one of those plastic pocket ones and the hours of fun it provided were disproportionate to its size and cost. But a full-size one (from 1966!)? Wow.
    (We spent one Christmas round some friends playing Shove Ha'penny on their ancient family heirloom board, the most difficult game I have ever tried. Drinks were tipped all over that playing surface too...)

    Happy New Year!

  3. We had one a big wooden one like that. Sadly lost many years ago in a move etc. Fond memories.

  4. I've still got mine too from around the same time, maybe Santa got a job lot!

    1. Suzie - could I trouble you for a photo of same? Happy New Year btw.

  5. And here is Suzie's Bagatelle - thanks for emailing that over Suzie: when can I come down and play it?