Friday 6 December 2013

Still Playing at 78

Got a birthday in December? I'll drink to that!

My dad has got a birthday coming up in the next few days with mine following on a few days later. And his dad, my Pop, would have celebrated his birthday the day after mine. All these family birthdays dotted around Christmas have invariably meant that unlike a regular birthday falling in, say, July, these dates don't have their own identity; they just become part of the C word. You try arranging something in December between the 21st. and the 31st. and see how far you get; pound to a penny it'll be a 'no can do, we've got Christmas and/or New Year parties to go to.' The subtext being 'why can't you have a normal birthday like everybody else?'

So for that reason I'm getting in early, before the onslaught of fake bonhomie, mince pies and Cliff bloody Richard, and taking this timely opportunity of wishing the Old Man 'Many Happy Returns'. I'm sure he won't mind me telling you that he'll be 78; a very sprightly 78 - he still manages to pull in a round of golf three times a week. And, anyway, it gives me chance to publish the photograph above (taken circa 1965) that I only saw for the first time at our, now legendary, family summit a few weeks ago.

Happy Birthday Dad!


  1. Mum's birthday was December 23rd, so I know the situation well. When I was a kid (and inspired by Her Maj) Dad & I created an 'official birthday' for her one June 23rd, when there were more family members available and the weather was more clement for such get-togethers.

    An early many happy returns of the day to Mr Medd Snr and you have a Happy Birthday yourself junior.

  2. Thank you! I'll pass your good wishes on when I see him.

  3. I'm a December child, mine's 16th, mum's was 14th and dad's was 28th...

    I always loved having a Christmas time birthday, everything's glitter and tinsel, everyone's in the mood for a party, and growing up in the glam era of Slade and Wizzard - what could be better...

    Here's me raising a glass to all the Medd's snr and jnr..

    1. Cheers M. I know he's no longer with us but I'm honoured to share my birthday with your Dad. Have a great Birthday yourself and may your C word be merry and bright.

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  5. Birthday wishes to you December babies! And I love the old photo.
    My b'day, being on the 183rd day, is the actual middle day of the (non-leap) year - definitely no tinsel!

  6. Well Wendy was always peeved that her birthday was always forgotten in the run up to Christmas ,without being close enough to benefit from tinsel. It's even worse now she lives in the USA, last year her birthday was on the same day as Thanksgiving. I was always thankful that I too had a birthday in the middle of the year. Happy Festive Season John and Uncle G !