Tuesday 17 December 2013


© Rober Palmer (c/o The Oldie)
Tom's getting on. We think he's 19; he may even be 20. Despite being recently diagnosed as having Diabetes he still has days when he thinks he's about four and runs 'round like a lunatic. But mostly, he'll go to sleep for the day and only wake up to be fed and watered. Whenever I write a new song I play it to Tom first; I always ask him to tell me if he's heard the tune before. However, when my guitar come out, he just covers his ears with his paws and plays dead.

But as soon as he sees the tree go up on Saturday he'll be straight back into kitten mode - 'helping' us with the lights and tearing up our paper chains; like he's always done. And that's just fine, because we know Tom probably won't be with us for many more Christmases; we just won't tell him.

(Thank you to Hannah Donovan at The Oldie)


  1. Bless him... I know what it's like to have an ageing cat (long gone now but I could still see the kitten in her until very near the end!) Perhaps you could make Tom a miniature replica Crinkle Crankle wall for Christmas ;-)

  2. I opened this post having just got back from the vet's where I put my beautiful sweet natured but remarkably dim 13 year old cat Zac to sleep, enjoy Tom this Christmas x