Saturday 16 March 2013

In My Chair

Nearly thirty years since the last time they all saw each other, four old men meet up in a car park and embrace. They're genuinely pleased to see each other again and seem content in each others company, forgetting, for now at least, all the animosity that caused them to part in the first place. 'Let's go and have a pint', Frank, always the natural leader, says.

Later that day, in a back room somewhere, the guitars come out and they play a few tunes together.


  1. 'In My Chair' is one thing but I am concerned about the effect that playing 'Paper Plane' or 'Down, Down' may have on their cardio-vascular systems. Go steady, lads.

  2. Quo were a very important band to me growing up - there I was aged 13 with a Columbus Strat copy and no idea. Someone showed me how to play Quo and that was the start of it for me on the electric. I went off to learn classically as well - so one minute I'm learning Tarrega and the next Rossi and co...

    I hope their reunions are good...

  3. There's something quite moving about a bunch of old guys putting aside old differences, realising that life is brief and reuniting like this - also evidenced in the recent Graham Parker & the Rumour documentary.