Thursday 7 March 2013

Inexplicably, they're all boys

John Peel wasn't known for being a big fan of NWOBHM (to non-Sounds readers that's New Wave of British Heavy Metal) but in November 1979 he played the debut single by Girl. My Number was pressed on 7" clear vinyl, had the same track on both sides and cost 55p. Hearing this metal racket for the first time I was able to park up my punk and new wave credentials (I was secretly getting a little tired of three chord wonders) and actually dig what these (pretty - I would later find) boys were up to. Three months later I'd played the hell out of their first album and had seen them play a couple of their residency gigs at The Marquee. I was hooked.

But I don't think Annie Nightingale was. Snotty cow.

When the band, inevitably, ran out of juice (and drummers) they split up and all went on to be famous rock stars. Guitarist Gerry Laffy would later become a very respectable artist: he even painted a beautiful canvas of my son when he too was a rock star.


  1. Have you got an OGWT whistle test badge yet. Available on the bay for one earth pound

  2. Not yet, but I'm sure I can blag one; next time I come down we can wear matching button badges. Girl must be ripe for a Vive Le Rock retrospective one would have thought? I'm still in touch with Gerry. His younger bro Simon was last seen working with Paul Cook.

  3. Sheer Greed was a fine fine debut album, class act.