Wednesday 13 March 2013

Cameron's in the chair

 Last chance saloon?

Before he realised how many middle class votes he would hemorrhage as a result, David Cameron was steadfast in his support of minimum alcohol unit pricing. He was all too aware, like many of us, that Hospital A & E Departments are no longer full of little boys with saucepans on their heads but overflowing with drunks (many roaring, many more dangerous to themselves and others) - the inevitable conclusion for those who have been on it all day. When was the last time you were admitted to Accident and Emergency and were seen in less than four hours? A creaking at the seams NHS would not be quite so creaking if the one third of drink related patients weren't clogging up the system. And wanting to punch out the lights of the very people who are there to put them back together.

And maybe then if the proposals were to go ahead our Police force would be able to fight crime and feel a few collars, instead of spending every Friday and Saturday night mopping up our towns and cities of revelers who think a night on the town is not complete without killing or hurting anyone who gets in their way; if they've been caning it on cider that's cheaper than bottled water, what do you expect? And that's before they've even set foot in a pub.

But today the Prime Minister started back-pedalling. Not for the first time his principles go out of the window when his back benchers get uppity: David Davies, on this morning's Today programme, was distancing himself from Cameron by saying how such a pricing policy would hit the poor and 'those in the North'. I'm still reeling from that one. Where exactly is this dystopian North? And who does he think dwells there?

If Cameron misses this opportunity to start addressing our chronic drinking culture we may never get another chance. Think about that the next time you're in A & E dodging the missiles.


  1. I nearly choked on my toothbrush when I heard Davies' airy reference to 'the North'. These people are beyond parody!

    And I agree with your broad point about minimum alcohol pricing. I doubt David will ever have to go and pick up his fourteen year-old daughter who's just had a ten quid litre of rough vodka pumped out of her stomach, but he might like to see what happens to other people's.

  2. Great post John, at least the government up here has taken the right steps. As for the Tories, I'm sorry but they are "lower than vermin"

  3. Well said, sir. The way those Tory bums have caved in under pressure from the drinks industry is a total disgrace. I noticed that both the Education minister and the Health minister are happy for ultra cheap booze to be easily available to the youth of the land. What a bunch of *****.

  4. Presumably those living in this North place need the cheap booze to survive the experience.