Saturday 26 June 2010

England's Dreaming

Just back from a scorching few days in South Devon: Mrs M and I took the Number One son & his lovely fair maiden and a splendid time was had by all.
Whilst not impossible, it's hard not to mention that soccer competition going on in Sun City. The lad and I took respite from the rays and watched England make hard work of Slovenia in a South Hams hostelry; during our National Anthem I was put in mind of this little nugget, which I first heard on one of Danny Baker's venerable football podcasts. It dovetails nicely with the poster seen in the window of Kingsbridge's bookmakers - Pat Potter - earlier in the week; no doubt Pat's relieving many England fans of their hard earned lucre ahead of tomorrow's encounter with the old enemy.


  1. Love the track, what a corker. Like a punk Betjeman. I've got a couple of out-take of GSTQ if you're tempted. An instrumental versh and an early 77 Gooseberry Studios take billed as No Future and with work in progress lyrics.

    Love the poster - I picked up one of these NMTB reworks T's from a local skateboard shop last week..

    Have you ever the seen cover design when it God Save the Sex Pistols

  2. I still prefer the Spunk bootleg with Chris Spedding on guitar! (?) I need a new running shirt so could be making a purchase.

  3. Like the audio, never heard that before. Sounds like a more recent Lydon on it?

    Been loving Danny Bakers Saturday and Wednesday R5 shows, a much needed injection of light-heartedness.

  4. I can't put a date on it Piley. Somewhere betwixt PIL and the butter ads!

  5. Glad you liked the poster and your time in Devon, hope the South Hams hostelry was the Regal Club above Pat Potters, the best place to watch any sport event in town !