Friday 28 May 2010

Still Bill

Bill Withers' name has cropped up a couple of times just recently. Don't worry, he's not died: Bill's still with us.

Firstly, he came out of retirement recently to write a couple of tunes for his old mate, George Benson. And secondly, The Slackers, those New York ragamuffins, are dropping in a mesmerizing version of Ain't No Sunshine to their current set list. You could argue that covering a Bill tune is like shooting fish in a barrel. And I'd have to agree with you. To a point: I can still remember Les Gray and Co. topping the hit parade with Lean On Me : I think the jury are still out on that one.

Any road up. It's Friday, so a Friday tune is called for. Here we go:

Bill Withers: Lonely Town, Lonely Street

And, before I forget, here's The Slackers playing live in Sacremento. Have a good weekend.

1 comment:

  1. What a pair o' corckers. I'm working on a summer mix at the mo' and may have to lob one of these tunes in the pot..