Monday 17 May 2010


It's been a busy few days. I interviewed George Benson on Wednesday before hotfooting it to The Maze to see The Slackers turn in a feisty set. Then a few days in Yorkshire and back this afternoon; just looking at my watch while I type this as I'm covering Paul Heaton for the paper tonight. He's playing loads of pub gigs up and down the land and cycling to every one. As well as solo stuff he's obviously chucking loads of Housemartins and Beautiful South into the mix too. I'm guessing he'll be saddle sore come the end of the tour.

Heaton's local in Hull, The Grafton, was eulogized on their Choke album; it was also my Grandad's boozer of choice back in the '60s & '70s.

Gotta go - he's on stage at 9 o'clock. Take it away Mr Heaton.


  1. One of the local's where I grew up (Hadleigh, Essex) was Ronnie Wood's regular pub of choice while he was dating the future Jo Wood (Karslake as was at the time).

  2. I take it someone else takes the gear - surely cycling to a gig with your guitar and PA strapped to your back is too much :-)