Tuesday 25 May 2010

100 Days

Today marks 100 days since I came among you and joined the delightful, though often nebulous, world of blogging. It makes more sense than most forms of social networking (I think), as can be witnessed from the rusty padlock and 'Gone Away' sign that now greet you if you stumble across either my Facebook or Myspace pages - even my website proper has got the neighbours worried with all the milk piling up on the doorstep. No, I love its immediacy and its ability to connect with, well, anyone really. And I've met up with a couple of real fellow bloggers through it, so that's been cool.

The concept of a hundred day evaluation period with which to judge American Presidents was created by Franklin D Roosevelt during the great depression. That was in 1932 and, though I'm not for one minute comparing myself to The Commander-in-Chief of the USA, (though how hard can it be, really?) if you take out my flannel and just leave the music, you're left with 20 tunes fit for High Office. OK, so I would say that wouldn't I, but if K-Tel were to bring it out tomorrow, I'd buy it!

Just time to say thanks to Mondo: the catlayst to getting this off the ground. He told me ' If you've got a robust enough record collection , then share it with us.' Well, I've given it a go. Here they are in date order, starting from February of this year.

1. The Beatles: Piggies (Demo)
2. Len Price 3: Rentacrowd
3. Jamie Cullum: Gran Torino
4. Pugwash: It's Nice To Be Nice
5. Duke Ellington: You're Just An Old Antidisestablishmentarianismist
6. Late Arrival: I Need You
7. Lord Large: Sun In The Sands
8. Uriah Heep: Traveller In Time
9. Tony Hatch & His Orchestra: Soul Coaxing
10. Alice Cooper: Hello, Hooray
11. Ocean Colour Scene: All Up
12. Woody Guthrie: House Of The Rising Sun
13. Tom Wardle: Let Your Love Shine Out
14. Everything But The Girl: Alison
15. David Bowie: Pug
16. Booker T & The MGs: Hang 'Em High
17. Lemon Jelly: Elements
18. George Benson: Breezin'
19. The Housemartins: Build
20. Marc Antoine: Sunland

And finally, to mark the occasion:


  1. Congratultaions and bless you - you're too kind John. Have you heard the Dap Kings take on Kenny Rogers & The First Edition's Just Dropped in (to See What Condition My Condition Was in)

    BTW I'm still in recovery from our Sam Smiths fired night out

  2. F - It's not often The Heep get mentioned these days (apart from Planet Rock, of course).

    M - The Dap-Kings have certainly got it going on, haven't they? I'll have to come down again soon - I did like the Holborn boozer.

  3. glad you are still very much on the 'ol bloggin buzz. Keep up the good work chief!