Wednesday 12 May 2010

Benson & Hedges

I'm interviewing George Benson later this evening for the paper. And no, this won't be the strapline we'll be using. But it would be tempting to ask the man if he was into topiary. Instead we'll probably talk about guitars and Give Me The Night. I'm ringing him at 6, so if there's anything non hedge related you'd like me to ask him, let me know. I've found this clip in the OGWT archives showing just how cool he was back in the day; that's Benson, not Harris.


  1. I'm not so keen on his 80s catalogue which is the soundtrack for casuals driving XR3 Escorts, but his early jazz catalogue is full of winners the George Benson Cookbook in particular is worth digging out.

    Questions - how many guitars are in the Benson collection, and which is most cherished. Who would George like to jam with (dead or alive). Did punk impact on him in anyway? When you're an international pedigree legend - do you still need to practice? Is there any contemporary act or artist carrying on his style of fretwork and jazz-fusions.

  2. I'm a bit like Mondo - he was a man who moved into the mainstream not really an issue but seen as a possible sell out.

  3. bugger too late.... I'd have liked to know what his memories are of working with Miles Davis, and if he ever got any feedback from any of the Fabs on his complete cover of the Abbey Road album (which was odd, but actually not bad in places)