Friday 7 May 2010


We all lose things from time to time: our wallets, our car keys, our marbles. However, two years ago I lost my iPod. I say lost: despite the fact that I couldn't find it, I know where it was. You see, I'd lost it in the car. One minute it was there, the next it had slipped deep into a nether world usually inhabited by loose change and travel sweets. And in much the same way drug enforcement officers systematically take a car apart at the Mexican border, I looked everywhere for my beloved shiny thing. But it had simply disappeared. So, after shedding a few i tears, I moved on and, with a heavy heart, replaced her with a new model.

Fast forward to yesterday and the car's been with the grease monkeys all day for a big service. And as I'm pulling off the forecourt, what do I see staring at me lovingly from the confines of the cup holder? I couldn't believe it; not a scratch on her. She was low on juice so I gave her a quick charge and she was ready to go. Again.

And when I hit shuffle, this was the first track. It's even, vaguely, topical.


  1. I hate losing stuff... I hate it more when it turns up :-) I "lost" a guitar pickup a while back, in the end convinced an old band mate had borrowed it but never given it back. After buying a replacement what did I find in the loft? Yes a bag with it in! Sigh!

  2. Glad you've been reunited. You'd always have wondered what happened. Very evocative track, too. I will always be in a bus traveling across the Autralian outback when I hear it. Kangaroo skeletons bleaching by the roadside...

  3. My copy of The Who Sell Out wasn't with it was it? I dug it out 2 years ago, put it on the arm of the settee thinking - yes, I must give that a spin. Then never saw the bloody thing again. Love the first two Lemon Jelly albums.

  4. I'm still looking for my BatCopter from the 70's too. Loved that thing, always played with it, would never have got rid of it, then one day it just wasn't there anymore. I still have boxes of stuff in the loft from when i was a kid, and I still half expect to find it!

    Anyway, if you could keep an eye out for it, i'd be grateful...


  5. hahaha! Great story and what a track to play. I hope you didn't weep.

  6. PS: Good to meet you the other day.