Saturday 10 April 2010

Nothing much to do and all day to do it

Saturday afternoon. Mrs M's away on what she calls a girlie weekend, so I've got some time to myself. Well, I will have when I've worked through the list she's left me; how do you point a gable end? I walked into town this morning along the tow path (it must be Spring) where the only distractions were anglers (one dressed top to toe in army fatigues!), barges (why do folks on them wave?) and a couple of Canada geese (coming over here, taking all our fish). After a few errands it was too balmy not to walk back again - this time via The King Billy for a pint or two of gold (actually, Blue Monkey Amarillo). I was then reminded it was Grand National day so a few bob on King John's Castle and Eric's Charm and back to Medd Towers: where the order of the day is Yorkshire tea and maybe a couple of DVDs still in shrink wrap from Crimbo.

I feel like Homer when Marge and the kids go to Church and he wanders round in his briefs all day: 'I'm wizzing with the bathroom door open!'

This was the tune playing in my head as I walked back from the pub:

Tony Hatch Orchestra - Soul Coaxing (1968)  


  1. dang... an E.L.P. Trilogy coffee cup??????

  2. What great tune! It sounds like spring.

  3. Time even to listen to a Clash Tribute album??!! Man, now THAT is time on your hands!

  4. Geese taking all our fish!!! lol I like your music links. Good to see the influences.

  5. Just stumbled on this old post. I have mug envy.

    1. Just stumbled upon this comment* TS. You'll be pleased to know I still use this mug on a regular basis. Always for tea, never coffee - for some reason!

      * I must have been very rude in the early days of this blog: I very rarely, if it all, replied to any of the comments left by 'my readers'.