Friday 30 April 2010

Gordon Brown & The Lower Third

After a heavy night out with Mondo on Wednesday, I was going nowhere last night. So, along with another ten million souls, I watched the Final Countdown. How very, very dull.

Unlike this beautiful David Jones/Gordon Brown mash-up.

When Ziggy met Pug.


  1. Crazy as it may seem, I love him. Now it may be my scottish ancestors or it may be that I just CAN'T STAND pretty men!!! We all want apparantly is the "gorgeous" to look at in our morning papers? Thanks for the melody!!

  2. Think of Regan, Bush and Thatcher - see, he doesn't seem so bad after all does he?

    Strangely that tune (the chords and top line, not the lyrics) is probably the best thing Bowie's written since Scary Monsters.

    PS I've only just shake off my beer-fatigue.

  3. Ooh, this just makes me feel sorry for Gordon. Has the clip failed then?

  4. haha! Good one. I don't fell sorry for him, I never voted him in (nor did anyone else for that matter).

  5. I turned over the last debate... I know I should be more involved but after a while I just had had enough...

  6. At least Gordon has a range of facial expressions. Cameron's icy death-mask never alters, even when he's on the verge or orgasm (I imagine.).