Friday 2 April 2010

Northernesque Soul

If you're going out tonight, or tomorrow night, then make this track* part of your getting ready ritual: you'll positively glide out of your front door into the taxi.

Some real Northern next time. Now, where did I put that talc?

* For those of you in a hurry, fast forward to 30 seconds in!

Lord Large: Sun In The Sands


  1. Fantastic tune!
    Playing it over, and over I like it so much...
    (Glad I popped in for a visit today)

  2. Glad you like it - come back soon. We've always got new stock coming in.

  3. By golly that's good - who is Lord Large not Alan Hawkshaw or Keith Mansfield in disguise is he?

    I'm out and about tomorrow night so that's my pre-frug soundtrack sorted.

    Check Monkey Stuff here for some hi-speed shimmery

  4. He played keys with The Electric Soft Parade before hooking up with Glenn Tilbrook as one of his Fluffers. Taste and try his Lord's X1 album and you won't be disappointed.

  5. incredible that this is a 21st century tune! That album is only 3 years old. A cracker John!

    Agree that the first 30 seconds adds little.

    Also, whilst searhing for it on Amazon, the listing also brought uo the following:

    Medieval Lord tm Boys Costume Size Large. SWORD AND TROUSERS NOT INCLUDED.

    Everyones a winner!


  6. That skips along in a rather jolly manner. And not what I would have thought to be Northern Soul either.

  7. That's gorgeous. In my mind, I'm speeding along a sunny open road in an E-type. In real life, I'm wondering if I'll have time to whitewash that wall in the garden before it starts raining again. So thanks for the fantasy interlude.