Friday 23 April 2010

Plastic Soul

The term Plastic Soul has been bandied around virtually since white dudes have been picking up microphones. Jagger had the term thrown at him, while Bowie called his own Young Americans album the definitive plastic soul record.

Anyhoo, it being that time of the week when I give you 3 minutes of pseudo soul music, today it's the turn of Tom Wardle: hope your guitar turns up Tom.

Tom Wardle: Let Your Love Shine Out


  1. I likes it. Almost Tony Christie joins the Love Parade era Undertones.

    Speaking of Bowie's Plastic Soul, did you ever I Am Divine a pre-season friendly for Young Americans, written and produced by The Dame for The Astronettes..

    It's not him singing by the way - he just borrowed the voice on YA..

  2. Excellent!. Bowie had many engaging periods; a lot of folks dismiss out of hand his '73 -'75 canon. But, for me, Pinups (& The 1980 Floor Show), David Live and then Young Americans filled the gap superbly between Ziggy and his Berlin trilogy.