Sunday 17 July 2022

I'm looking for 1976

On the back of my post yesterday regarding our impending meltdown (literally), I thought I'd give this a quick spin: it's a love letter to 1976 from Darren Hayman's Minehead EP - he put it out over ten years ago now and the quality of the lyrics are to die for. I'm particularly fond of this couplet:
'I'm looking for turquoise Formica, I'm looking for Twiggy or someone just like her.' Genius. You can find it on Pete Paphides' latest Spotify compilation 'Too Hot to Move, Too Hot to Think'. 
Stay safe next week; in the words of Greg Lake - 'Keep it cool, keep it cool.'


  1. So 1976. Will check out Pete’s compilation. Alyson)

    1. Like 1976, Pete's playlist is a scorcher, Alyson!