Wednesday 20 July 2022

Being Boiled

How it started / How it's going

As I write this, a little before midnight on Tuesday in nothing more than my shorts - form an orderly queue, ladies - the temperature has finally dropped below 20 degrees for the first time in I don't know how long; still uncomfortable, but compared to yesterday's apocalyptic high of 40 (higher in some places), I'll take it all the way to the bank.

Anyway, I hope you managed to stay out of harm's way and lived to tell the tale. I know London took a battering - some of the scenes coming out of the capital were unreal.

This exquisite piece of synth pop sums up exactly how I've been feeling for much of the last 72 hours. It's from a time when Sheffield was still annexed to East Germany. And, God, it still sounds brilliant.

Human League - Being Boiled (1978) 


  1. Ah, haven't heard that in ages. It still sounds great and so very 1978. Also I'd never noticed before but can hear a slight similarity to Visage's 'Fade To Grey' in there somewhere, or is that just me?
    Crazy temperatures, awful - we survived with the curtains and windows closed all day, which felt apocalyptic.

  2. Not just you C, definitely a touch of 'Fade to Grey' in there. Had forgotten Human League were around in 1978 as I associate them with the Dare era a little later.

    Sorry to hear of the apocalyptic temperatures. It peaked at 28 degrees for us for a short while then returned to normal temps. I did watch those scenes coming out of London though and it just goes to show, we've never had to wonder what would happen if it ever got above 40 in this country, now we know. Beware of the compost heap.

  3. C/A - Yep, more than a hint of Visage. Give this a listen.
    As I understand it, Floakey never batted an eyelid; different times.

  4. I dashed out ever earlier each morning for an increasingly more brief leg stretch, before, like C, retreating home to sit in a darkened corner for the rest of the day with the curtains closed. It was a joy to eventually get back to air conditioned luxury at work!