Monday 13 June 2022

Afore Ye Go

Dan Willson is a quirky Edinburgh troubadour; normally anyone with that sort of label hanging round their neck should either be a. weird or b. up themselves. Finding out he was brought up by strict Jehova's Witnesses and, as a kid, wasn't allowed to attend school assemblies, birthday parties or Christmas celebrations, I'd probably lean more towards the former - in a good way; he's part of the illustrious Fence Collective, so definitely not the latter.

Performing under the moniker Withered Hand, his take on indie folk (some call it 'anti-folk') are glorious lo-fi anthems and prime examples of what can happen when you get bought a guitar for your thirtieth birthday. I've been listening to a lot of his stuff in the last few days (before I venture north of the border tomorrow) and when I rock up in Edinburgh will be sure to crane my neck and see if he still plays on the roof of his house... 

Withered Hand - Religious Songs (2009)

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