Monday 2 May 2022

Bloody Hell Fire!

WhatsApp is a very instant medium - something often done on the hoof - so brevity is prmnt. Sorry, paramount. Any shortcuts or abrvtns, though not always grammatically pleasing, often find their way into my text lexicon; don't get me wrong, I love language and punctuation more than most, but sometimes one punchy acronym can paint a thousand (real) words. When I told my friend Riggsby during my American trip that James and I will often exchange a particular three letter rejoinder when, say, Notts County are 3-nil down at half time or some other unpleasant news reaches one or both of us, he nodded sagely. In fact, I went on, I'm always on the look out for cars with the number plate bearing said three letters. They act as a perfect meme to the aforementioned bad news. If you see any on your travels, I think I may have said, he could humour me and email them to me! 
Anyway, I thought no more about our conversation; that is until the postman arrived last week. Here's an extract from Riggsby's letter...

Pretty neat, huh? So, I gave James the choice - Ohio or Kentucky? 'I'll have the birthplace of aviation please, dad!'

Which leaves me with the bluegrass state.

If you see any BHF plates whilst you're out and about, you know what to do...


  1. That is very neat indeed. And, a new take on Swedey McSwedeface.

    Your friend Leonard Rossiter, I mean Riggsby, is one in a million.

  2. Very cool - what great gifts from your friend - and as Alyson says, a new take on the Swedey McSwedeface (a Swedey McSwedeplate?) I was a bit dense at first and took a few mins to figure out your BHF (in spite of the post title... oh dear).
    I usually try to memorise the first part of our car numberplate by making up a mnemonic for it (currently it's Visible Bra Line).

    1. You weren't being dense. I even googled it thinking it was something I should know, then... I saw the title!

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  4. A - He is indeed; on top of everything I could see, looking at the package, that shipping alone was just shy of ¢30! Crazy.

    C - I love that VBL is Visible Bra Line! In fact, it couldn't be anything else.