Monday 18 January 2021



I rang my best friend, Steve, this afternoon. Like me he's almost at the end of his rope with the lockdown; but needs must when the Devil vomits in your kettle - as a wise man once said. We listed all the things we miss (I'm guessing you do the same thing too) and how once this bloody war is over we'll never take anything for granted again (though in time, of course, we will).

Steve has a daughter* currently living in Vancouver and he's missing her, I can tell. I miss James like crazy and he's only in Manchester - though to all intents and purposes Manchester may as well be in Canada - the way this pandemic has confined us all to barracks. 

We always end our calls shouting "STAY IN YOUR HOME!" in our most demented of voices. It comes courtesy of the Stranglers' Curfew lifted from their Black & White album. You should try it; it's very cathartic. We've been doing it that long we probably won't be able to stop ourselves, even in peacetime.

The Stranglers - Curfew (1978)


  1. I'm going to try that. Who knew the Stranglers were so influential?

  2. I like the idea. We cling to any shreds of sanity that remain.

  3. Very apt. You are right though, we will absolutely take things for granted again which is why it's important to write about this time on our blogs, just to make sure we remember.

    My daughter lives just round the corner but as a frontline worker she's keeping well away, so even she might as well be in Canada.