Thursday 24 January 2019


George with Billy Idol's brother
Let there be no doubt: George Harrison was the funniest Beatle. The youngest Beatle. The Darkest Horse. And the Wilbury most travelled.

George was, as I said in my Neil Innes piece, a fervent supporter of, and friend to, the Rutles.

He was also, as this piece of film from 1975 quite clarly shows, the most self deprecating ex-Beatle of them all. Watch the young lad from Wavertree in this archive footage from Rutland Weekend Television as he lampoons not only himself, but his former global Number One single He's So My Lord.  

George Harrison - The Pirate Song (1975)


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    1. He was always my favourite Beatle, as I'm sure I've said on numerous occasions. He still had a lot to contribute I think; if only to keep McCartney in check.