Sunday 27 May 2018

I'm desperate, Dan

I've just acquired a pair of tickets to go and see Danny Baker later in the year on the final leg of his Good Time Charlie's Back! tour. I can't tell you how made up I am.
I spoke to him on the phone many moons ago when he was still doing the Morning Edition on Radio 5; of course he won't remember, but it's still locked in my memory bank all the same. That was when the BBC still let him play whatever damned records he liked. No playlist for him; oh no. Whether or not he ever played Lieutenant Pigeon's follow up single to Mouldy Old Dough is something I may have to ask him when I see him in September.

Lieutenant Pigeon - Desperate Dan


  1. Excellent! :) I'm still hopeful that we get another series of Cradle to Grave - one of the funniest sitcoms in recent years. Unfortunately funny sitcoms (Raised by Wolves being a prime example) never seem to get recommissioned!

  2. I'm hoping to catch him myself at the end of July, if only to hear him trot out the 'Marc Bolan gave me his shirt' story one more time. I'm not jealous, honest.

    1. And likewise the DOB story - David Essex’s brother!

  3. You're not shy are you about approaching the "act" - Good for you.

    Like Mark I also hope we get another series of Cradle to Grave - my era so everything resonated, the music, the home décor, clothes.... and also very funny of course.