Wednesday 23 May 2018

Generation Sex

L-R: Billy Idol, Steve Jones, Tony James
This is a story I'll definitely be coming back to later: ex Gen Xers Tony James and Billy Idol dropped a world exclusive on Jonesy's Jukebox yesterday - together with Steve Jones and Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols, they're gonna be getting together to play old Generation X and Pistols songs. I'm already very excited! I know, I should get out more. I love their little chat: it's like Spinal Tap meets Last of the Summer Wine. And when Billy and Tony talk about writing King Rocker in an afternoon to put a single on their Valley of the Dolls album, you can't not admire them.

You may have noticed that this blog has acquired a new mast head. I thought I'd put Even Monkeys Fall Out Of Trees out to pasture, along with the old JM logo. Like me, it was looking a bit tired. So, please welcome its shiny new replacement - Are We There Yet? will still carry on the well worn tradition of writing from the hip, with scant regard for its readership. Meet the new blog, same as the old blog.

But seriously, thanks to everyone who's rung my doorbell in the last eight years.
I've put a new battery in it now - so we should be good for another eight. At least.

John x
May 2018

Postscript - 29 October 2018 


Postscript [2] - 1 November 2018



  1. I guess Tony has got to pay for his new hair somehow.
    Oh, and I like what you've done to the old place - very smart!

    1. I tweeted TJ recently and asked him where his new hair had come from; funnily enough I didn't get a reply.

      Yes, 'Even Monkeys...' was looking a bit past its sell by date. Glad you like the new look.

  2. I like the new logo and strapline too. Always feels good to freshen things up.
    Spinal Tap meets Last Of The Summer Wine! Ha, love it. But ooh, it's all a bit weird seeing one's younger idols (no pun intended) getting old, innit? As you and TS say, Tony's hair seems to have sprung back to life all of a sudden, and don't you think Billy's face looks a bit tight and shiny for his age? Maybe he just has good genes... All a bit mind-blowing to think how many years have passed but, hey, at least they (and we) are still alive and kicking!

    1. I'm glad it meets with your approval C - I didn't want to be too radical, just a couple of tweeks here and there. I'm fast approaching 900 posts, and in February I'll have been at the helm nine years - so a couple of blogging landmarks on the horizon. Not to mention next week (1 June), I'll be celebrating being back in Nottingham a year.

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  4. Yep - Like the new look too.

    That was a very entertaining little chat so thanks for sharing. Aidan Gillen plays Tony James and as C says, Billy looks very shiny (hmm...).

    1. A - They remind me of old war veterans swapping stories.