Thursday 4 January 2018


Carrington - home to Carrington Triangle Folk Club, would you believe?

New year, new Triangles. 2017 - that was the year that was, it's over let it be. 2018 - a new year of acoustic sessions at the Gladstone. And if you don't know Carrington, the Gladdy sits in the middle of the triangle - yes it really is a triangle (see the map above).

 Last night I renewed my subs and belted out a couple of Oldies but Goldies from my, ahem, back catalogue (I love writing this stuff - you'll just have to take my word that Leeds, 1972 and Dog With a Bone went down a storm). Come along one night if you don't believe me - details on the left. That's right, it'll be my caustic wit that will get me thru this year. It never did Toby Young any harm.


Sticking with triangles, the Black Crowes borrowed a classic seventies cover from Hustler magazine for their splendid Amorica album. I saw the band quite a few times around this period - 1994/95 - and they 🔺never🔺 disappointed. I particularly remember their stoner front man Chris Robinson's mission statement he sermonised one night: "To get to it, you've gotta go through it." Ain't that the truth?

The Black Crowes - Wiser Time (1994)


  1. I briefly met Chris Robinson on a roof in Kensington one evening in 1992, at the album launch party for 'Southern Harmony and Musical Companion'. I told him I enjoyed the record, which was playing at deafening volume nearby. He said precisely four words back to me. 'Thanks man - hemp freedom'.

    1. Southern Harmony was, and remains, an astonishing piece of work. I like your understated style of name dropping btw!

    2. All these years later, this is the first opportunity I've had to drop that one into a conversation! I should fess up however - I'm not a fan. I approached Mr Robinson at the bash with the sole intention of bagging an autograph for a regular customer who was massively into the band.