Thursday 18 January 2018

For Your Babies

Everywhere I turn people are having babies, and making babies. And not just real people - Pip Archer has just driven (yet) another nail in her dad's coffin by announcing she's pregnant with Toby Fairbrother's seed. Good on her, that's what I say. The villain of the piece (Ambridge's bad boy and very own gin distiller) will probably pay maintenance by way of a few bottles of Scruff; mother's ruin indeed.

But back to people who really do exist, and not just in a fictitious village south by south-west of Birmingham. Our friends Liam & Suzie, Jim & Debs, and Ross & Jenny are all counting down to when they go from being two alone to three together. Our love and best wishes go out to all of them. And to Pip & Toby too, what the hell.

Simply Red - For Your Babies


  1. A lot of babies in my circle as well but it's just because all our friends are becoming grandparents - Not quite ready for that yet, nor is DD I suspect.

    I loved that Simply Red song and went to see them around that time - Not a band that crops up a lot around here I've noticed. I have a list, that is getting longer and longer, of artists perhaps wise not write about!

    1. I love the song too Alyson. In fact I loved the whole of the Stars album - it lived in my car for months on end when it came out.

      I'm keen to know why you think it not wise to write about the band. Is it because their lead singer is a bit of a cock? Because if that were the case, you'd be barred from writing about 75% of all bands!

      And who else is on your 'list'? Again, I'm curious.

    2. Yes, it was the tour that accompanied the Stars album that I got tickets for and MH performed amazingly but yes, I have seen him being described as you have done on other blogs.

      This isn't a written down list (for once!) but so far I've got the impression that it might not be popular to write about:
      Phil Collins
      Ed Sheerin
      Chris Martin
      The Eagles
      The Bee Gees (but the tide has turned there I think)

      Anyone basically who either takes themselves too seriously or has been just too commercially successful.

      It pays, it seems, to not take yourself too seriously (would always agree with that philosophy) and not to become a global superstar (although once it motion not always easy to stop the train).

      There are more probably but they are the names that come to mind. Any others on your radar?

    3. It depends how you approach the piece, and your take on the subject matter (remember Tom Hibbert's 'Who The Hell Do They Think They Are?' monthly feature in Q magazine?).

      I wouldn't not write about anyone for fear of being given a 'look' by the sniffy police. I love Adele, absolutely love her. And Ed Sheeran's DID recently turned my head, I must say. If I touched upon the Eagles I'd have to say that the B-side of Hotel California pissed all over the A-side and, don't forget, Chris Martin wrote Yellow.

      However, Bono is, always has been and always will be a Spunk Trumpet.

    4. Love it - A spunk trumpet. Poor old Bono.