Saturday 20 January 2018

Does the light from the stars mean you're not born?

What I wouldn't give to write a line like 'Does the light from the stars mean you're not born?' And to then drop it into a song simply called 'Fuck It' is genius. Pure genius.

As you can imagine, the Lovely Eggs (who released Fuck It as a single in 2011) are very route one. And very clever. And very funny - yes, very very funny. Take a look at their mission statement (left): 'Some of our songs are 10 seconds long. Some are four minutes long. We don't care.'

They're touring soon, and for some of their dates I think they've got good friend of the Medds, Phill Jupitus, opening for them - Jenny is currently asking Phill which gigs they'll be; two birds, one stone and all that.

The Lovely Eggs - Fuck It


  1. Been away from blogland for a few weeks, and when I return to do the rounds, I find this. Brilliant! Will investigate further.

    1. M - As they say themselves "Welcome to our world."