Saturday 2 July 2016

Safety in pins

I'd like to think you'd sit next to me on the bus anyway. Or acknowledge me if I smiled in your general direction; it saddens me that, following the seismic shift in our political landscape after the events of last Thursday, anyone in this country should be in anyway fearful of just getting on with their lives.

Johnson and Gove's actions will, I'm sure, come back to haunt them, but in the meantime a little bit of solidarity is called for. Be safe.


  1. Do you ever take a bus John? ( !)
    We are all with you on this and have been sporting our pins since the first day, though in Brighton there's not too much of a problem as far as I'm aware ( we voted 69% remain.....)
    As the child of an immigrant though I'm so angry about the whole xenophobic tide that has risen after the vote.

  2. I thought my current trough of despair could get no deeper. Then I clicked the link to find that the top twitter post on view was from Katie pissing Hopkins. I'll get me coat.

  3. It's come to something when you have to wear a symbol to let people know you're *not* a racist.

  4. Suzie, Swede, Wings
    I hear you. Loud and clear. We'll get through this. Somehow.