Tuesday 26 July 2016

All Things Must Pass

In January 1969, when George Harrison played Macca his demo of All Thing Must Pass (George was pitching songs for the next album), McCartney pretended he could hear the phone ringing in the next room and practically ran out of the room shouting 'I must get that.'
Suffice it to say that Macca and his group didn't get that; instead, George saved it for his own jaw-dropping triple album of the same name he brought out eighteen months later. Much to McCartney's chagrin.
People who have met Paul McCartney will tell you he's shrewd. Well, let me tell you, he ain't that shrewd.


  1. Have we ever discussed what the top ten Beatles solo tracks are? A ripe topic I reckon. Bagsy this for No.1.

  2. Top ten Beatles solo tracks? Plastic Ono Band bar My Mummy's Dead. Easy, next!

  3. My head says Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five from Band on the Run. But my heart says Back off Boogaloo.

  4. Smile away, purely for having a lyric that includes "I met a friend of mine and he did say: "man, I can smell your teeth a mile away"

    1. Teeth? I thought it was feet.

      I am such a master of mondegreens...