Monday 26 October 2015

Groove is in the House

After a somewhat tiring weekend, including a full on Saturday that started with copious amounts of tea at six in the morning and ended 24 hours later with yet more tea (only this time washed down with whiskey), it was good to settle down on Sunday with our brand new winter project: the first season of House, starring Hugh Laurie as the prickly medical curmudgeon with a black bag full of one-liners, may well have been made over ten years ago, but the Medds only latched onto it yesterday.

Three episodes in and we're hooked. God bless Netflix.

The soundtrack, c/o Massive Attack, is quite groovy too.

1 comment:

  1. Yey House!

    Admittedly I gave up after about 3 seasons, it's brilliant, but it is ultimately by its very nature repetitive.

    Interestingly the theme tune all depends on whereabouts in the world you are, as I discussed here

    Happy watching, and remember, 'it's not lupus - it's never lupus'